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Out Front the Following Sea was mentioned on the blog Fabulous over Fifty, on January 4, 2022.


Type says:

Try to read twenty-two books by twenty-two debut authors. Since signing my contract with Regal House, I’ve become much more sensitive to this breed. Debut authors deserve all the love. Getting a book published is an arduous task. The wheels of the book world machine grind exceedingly slow (Or is that slowly? See why it’s hard to write?!) I’m all for supporting new authors who, bless our hearts, just want somebody to read our creations. We secretly want EVERYONE to love it like we do, but we’re not a stupid lot. It’s more realistic to want at least one person besides our mother and best friend to love it. All that to say: I’m coming for you, fellow newbies! Keep me up to date on your launches. Out Front the Following Sea by Leah Angstman and Save the Village by Michele Herman are on my radar.